I’ve been slacking, I know…but I’ll write about it later.

What’s on tap in hopefully the coming week when I have time:

1. World Series Story (How one post on Facebook.com netted me 165 angry phone calls in an hour)
2. Explaining my guilty pleasures 2&3.
3. New career choices.
4. Earl’s Big Adventure in Costa Rica (Hanna Haidar: Lifeguard, Surfer, Boozebag… Children’s Author?)

And a nifty little feature I just discovered:

Blogging on the go. Geek 2.0 goes mobile with text message blogs from anywhere (Who needs a laptop in a coffee shop anyway?)


Here’s one of my favorite pictures recently that I’ve taken. Fall on the Cape rarely blooms in full color and lacks dramatic shots that you’d find in New Hampshire or Vermont. So I created my own.