“Tonight is a very special night at the Jon Olsson Super Sessions in Åre, Sweden. Out of all the crazy parties that go down in this town during JOSS, the most anticipated is always the infamous rocker party (last year’s was the sweetest party I’ve personally ever been to, being that I’m a huge 80’s metal head), and tonight’s installment will surely be no exception. However this year there’s an added twist…

The good people at General snus and Jack Daniel’s are sponsoring the party, and General has built a booth in the kick-ass Bygget night club to host an air guitar contest, and the winner will receive an electric guitar and free snus for a year.

And just to make it that much sweeter, they’ve installed a camera in the booth and will be filming everyone all looped up on JD as they air guitar themselves into a frenzy…and we’ll be featuring a live broadcast of it right here on NS.

The party starts at about 11pm Sweden time (which is 2pm Pacific, 3pm Mountain and 5pm Eastern) so the broadcast should start around then although it may not get really going till midnight. So make sure you tune in, because you won’t want to miss it. Seriously.”

View Here.