Recently I’ve been updating my library of images. It’s a process to say the least and I’m finding that I wish I had done things differently at the start (read: add keywords!). However, it has presented me the chance to take a look back at the photos I’ve shot in the past and see how much I’ve (hopefully) grown as a photographer. In doing so, I’ve stumbled across one of the first shots that I took of a skier. It was my first time photographing anything outside of family snapshots with a disposable kodak and was certainly a point that I decided I wanted to keep getting better at it.


mike wilson (sponsored by line at the time of the photo), loon mtn, nh

And of course, being an amateur at the time, I didn’t save the negatives so this chopped up jpeg sitting on one of my hard drives is the only copy. While not a great image, it is my first.