Mike Rogge is making another appearance on this blog as he’s been recently hosting an internet radio show on www.wbkm.org called “The Ski Show.” Occurring every Tuesday night from 9-11 P.M. EST. Now three shows deep, Rogge’s been adding listeners consistently and the production behind it keeps getting better; last night he debuted a plethora of prerecorded promos and had WBKM’s first ever live call ins. “Digi” Dave Amirault from Freeskier Magazine called to chat gossip, ski news and recant a number of shared adventures, namely crashing the magazine’s FJ Cruiser while returning from the XGames. Least I forget, IF3‘s own JF Durocher also debuted a new segment, “Canada News” which featured all the latest from America’s “loft apartment.”

Mike Rogge in the WBKM studio.

After, we headed down to Nectars for a post show beer and to listen to the Book Em Blues show. I will say that I’ve never heard a better rendition of “Cortez the Killer” than I did last night. This band is absolutely worth checking out if you’re in the Burlington, VT area on a Tuesday night.

I’ll say it again, Nectars has a great lighting setup for a bar & lounge.