I’ve never skied in October.

Last Friday, that was a true statement. Today, it’s a lie.

Mount Snow in Southern Vermont spun it’s first lifts of the 2009/2010 ski season this past Saturday, October 17th. While not offering a top to bottom run or “epic” conditions by any means, it certainly wet the appetite of many who were in attendance. By many, I mean upwards of 400+ people, mostly kids in mostly tall tees packed an estimated 200 yard by 350 yard expanse that provided enough snow and slope to set up a dozen features. While it may seem like I’m selling Mount Snow short, I’m not. Where talking skiing, on snow, in October.

October. On the East Coast. Did I forget to mention that I had never skied in October until last Saturday morning?

And all the while Mount Snow and its staff were doling out good vibes to the skiers and riders, but they were also doing good for their local community by way of donating all the proceeds to a local food shelf. A $10 ticket got you a day of shredding with friends and someone a meal on the table.

Kudos to you Mount Snow, Kudos!

Now for the photos, with a video to come later:

Ian Compton

Ian Compton

Ian Keay

Here’s a video from the day. Note: I don’t claim to be a pro at filming or editing, here’s just what I got.

Included below, the Mount Snow news brief summarizing the event.

Over 800 people showed up for the earliest lift service opening in Mount Snow history. After all was said and done we collected over $5000 in and 1500 food items that will all be donated to the Deerfield Valley Food Pantry.”