A little over a month ago, Ski the East recently launched their new website at www.skitheeast.net. Started by Geoff McDonald and Chris “Rooster” James (with Mike Rogge joining the mix this year), SkitheEast is quickly becoming a hub for news, forums, events and weather for the East Coast skier. The freshly revamped site includes:

Ski The East Gnarshmallow
• Redesigned Forums
• Redesigned Photos & Video Page w/Search functions
Updated Weather Page
• Events Calendar
• Additional Store Products

Here’s a couple of screenshots:

SkitheEast Gnarshmallow!


Ski the East Pint Glass? Sure!

The site is definitely worth checking out if you ski (or ride) on the East Coast. The weather page is probably one of my favorite pages on the site; the SkitheEast answer to a surf report!

Also, be sure to check out Geoff, Rooster & Rogge’s other accomplishments & accolades with Meathead Films and this years epic East Coast ski flick: Wild Stallions!

Wild Stallions!

In other news (but also featured on the Ski the East website), freestyle phenom Jarred “Allstar” Haynes has dropped his skiing mixtape for the start of the 2009/2010 ski season. Titled “The Urban Segment,” Haynes has released a ten track playlist of lyricism, beats and mashups of the hip hop and ski culture that will certainly end up in quite a few film edits this season. With today’s release, the 23 year old Long Island, NY lyricist has wet the appetites groms and “pros” alike. Look for his official studio release “Genre” out later this year. The first single, “Spaceman” is already available on iTunes here!
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Track listing
1. Grind Like Me
2. My Level
3. On Top of the Mountain
4. My Story
5. Air Out
6. The Prettiest
7. Rap for the U.S.A.
8. Autograph
9. Words from All Star
10. The End