With two days of rest and catching up on emails after my trip to Reno, I headed back on the road to Loon Mountain this past weekend to shoot for their brochure and website. Despite the 2:00 a.m. wake up & departure from Cape Cod, I was pretty excited for most of the 3 hr 20 min drive to get up to my home resort and shoot the sunrise atop North Peak. If I had a bucket list, riding to the summit of Loon in a snowcat would be crossed off now.

Heading up Seven Brothers.


more corduroy…

All & all, it was a pretty standard day of skiing the mountain with my camera and trying to capture certain aspects of the resort. Highlights included the Oakley Droppin’ In Women’s Snowboard Camp which was a fun couple of hours shooting with the ladies; much different mentality than the usual male athletes I’m used to shooting; everyone was super positive and pushing each other on different features in the terrain park. It was infectious to say the least.
Other highlights included skiing with the littlest grom
s (above: Poor Noah did not enjoy his photo being taken) and the aprés ski scene at the Bunyan Room.

the “photo of the day”

Poacher…I mean coacher Meg Clinton sells it.

aprés ski

more aprés ski