The past two weeks have been busy for me with travel and a number of different projects. I found myself on Nantucket over the Memorial Day weekend for a chance to catch up with some friends. It happened to be the Figawi Race weekend as well. Wikipedia describes it perfectly as the Spring Break of the “Well-Heeled 30 Somethings.” It was a sight to see. It was the first time that I’ve traveled to Nantucket. It will certainly not be the last, although perhaps I’ll pick a less “crowded” weekend. I had one chance to getaway for a few minutes alone with my camera and headed down to Surfside Beach shortly before sunset to make the panoramic above.

Last weekend, I was in New Jersey for a close friend’s* High School Graduation. While I wasn’t able to attend the ceremony because of a shortage of tickets,, I did head into NYC to the Museum of Natural History with extended family. Here’s a couple photos: