The 2010 USSA Freestyle Junior Olympics took place at Waterville Valley in New Hampshire this past week as competitors from as far off as Alyeska, Alaska descended upon the small New England ski hamlet for six days of competition.

Beginning with men & women’s superpipe finals under bluebird skies on Wednesday, the field of 29 women and 45 men took to the 16-foot pipe like a Toyota, just pedal to the metal. With the age of the competitors ranging from 7 to 18, it was clear from the start that the level of talent would be varied, but the one constant was the drive of each athlete to put together their best of two runs with hopes of getting on the podium.

With a morning of inspection and training, the ladies were the first to send it before the men. The field put together a solid performance as a whole but it was Devin Logan of Mount Snow, Vermont, Hannah Haupt of Sun Valley, Idaho and Jamie Crane Mauzy, representing Waterville, who threw down stylish runs and in the end, were sitting pretty at the of the top standings.

After the ladies, it was the men’s turn to throw down which they wasted no time doing. The pack hit the pipe with everything they had within their allotted two runs but when everything had settled, the clear victor was Ty Barrymore of Sun Valley, Idaho with Even Wall and Jeremie Veilleux, both representing CVA, sitting close in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Barrymore’s run included a huge first hit 9 tail grab which was easily five feet higher out of the pipe than any other competitor.

Womenʼs Halfpipe Top Ten

Devin Logan – 34.2
Hannah Haupt – 28.9
Jamie Crane Mauzy – 24.8
Haley Kanaskie – 22.4
Ali Kariotis – 21.9
Jessica Breda – 21.2
Blake Peterson – 20.7
Zana Davey – 20.3
Darian Stevens – 20.2
Julia Krass – 19.9

Menʼs Halfpipe Top Ten

Wing Tai Barrymore – 43.6
Evan Walls – 38.8
Jeremie Veilleux – 35.8
Scott Nelson – 35.6
Carson Lehouillier – 34.7
Andy Patridge – 33.2 +3
Daniel Rosenblum – 33.2 +2
Cody Buchalter – 32.5
Cody Cirillo – 32.1 +3
Colby Stevenson – 32.1 +2

With weather matching that of the previous, 58 men and 21 hit Waterville’s Exhibtion Terrain park the following day for slopestyle finals. Unfortunately due to time constraints, Newschoolers was unable to be there, but rest assured the athletes gave it their all.

Congratulations to Jaime Crane Mauzy who edged out Julia Krass and Devin Logan (2nd & 3rd respectively) to claim 1st as the overall Women’s Slopestyle Champion. Congrats as well to Andy Partridge, Nicholas Keefer, and James Campbell for taking spots 1, 2 & 3 in Men’s Slopestyle.

Womenʼs Slopestyle Top Ten

Jamie Crane Mauzy – 73.0
Julia Krass – 59.6
Devin Logan – 52.4
Darian Stevens – 51.6
Kirsten Cooley – 49.6
Ellison McMillan – 44.2
Haley Kanaskie – 42.8
Meagan Snopkowski – 37.6
Ashton Glass – 37.2
Allie Call – 34.0 +3

Menʼs Slopestyle Top Ten

Andy Partridge – 81.8
Nicholas Keefer – 79.6
James Campbell – 75.4
Tyler Mega – 75.0
Kyle Keating – 74.8 +2.5
Ian Lars Borgeson – 74.8 +2.5
Jacob Doan – 74.6
Landon Verce – 74.2
Scott Nelson – 74.0
Alex Dutcher – 73.2